Free AVG Anti-Virus

No one has to really stress how important it is to get your PC protected from the virus. Trojan horses and worms can cause huge damage not only to your files but to the different systems of your computer. They don’t only make your PC running slow, but they can destroy your registry, which can spell an ultimate boon to your beloved computer.

However, a majority of these types of anti-virus software don’t come for free. You may have to spend even hundreds of dollars for a download, and you can basically use them for one PC only. There’s also the possibility that the downloaded program will not work well in your computer because of incompatibility. Worst, it doesn’t offer the kind of protection your computer needs against all types of viruses.

Fortunately, there’s an anti-virus software that guarantees Internet security without having to shell any cash. This is called AVG Free Edition from Grisoft.

Advantages of Free AVG Anti-virus Software

There are several reasons why, despite the promise of paid software, there are still after the Free AVG Anti-virus software. These are the following:

1. It is free.

It may sound so unbelievable, but this is completely true. You don’t have to pay the company anything just to download the program. Thus, just imagine how much you can save if you settle to use AVG Free Edition software in your PC. You can make use of the product even if you’re going to use it for several years.

2. It has continuous update of the product.

If you’re searching for the best software, one of the first criteria you need to consider is the product update. It’s highly important that it can receive regular updates. This is how it will be able to combat the newest breeds of viruses that can possibly cause harm to your PC.

With Free AVG anti-virus software, you can obtain these free updates without any limitation, a feature you can’t definitely enjoy with other types of programs.

3. The free AVG anti-virus software is very convenient to use.

There’s no hassle if you decide to download the free AVG anti-virus software. You can practically find the down-loadable version anywhere, especially in its main website. What’s more, it doesn’t eat too much space in your memory, which means it doesn’t change your PC’s speed. You can actually run the program while you’re doing your Word documents or even listening to music.

4. It’s loaded with numerous fantastic features.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you’re treated with limited features. They may not be as many or as comprehensive compared to when you select AVG Pro, but the free AVG anti-virus software can already shield your PC against suspicious files.

For instance, it has AVG Resident Shield, which can offer real-time security to your computer as soon as you open a file or run a program. The Virus Vault, meanwhile, ushers for safe handling of files that are currently infected with the virus.

5. It can scan not only your files but also your hard disk and e-mail.

Keep in mind that there are many ways on how you can acquire a virus. It may come from a CD that has been used in another infected computer or from an e-mail with suspicious attachment.

Either way, the free AVG anti-virus software can offer the best type of security by directly scanning e-mail attachments as well as CDs, flash drives, and diskettes.

Downsides of Free AVG Anti-virus Software

Despite the many benefits that you can gain from the free AVG anti-virus software, it still has its own flaws. For instance, you can’t expect it to be as fancy as other kinds of programs. As a matter of fact, it appears very simple, though you can expect that it’s convenient to navigate.

Second, you can’t definitely use the program for business use. It’s only good if you’re using a personal PC. Third, there are some options that may require advanced technical know-how. For instance, if you’re planning to conduct a test, you still have to choose which of the following tests—detailed, detailed user, complete, and simple user—would be perfect.