Free Music Downloads

Free Music – Yes it’s true

Many of us roll our eyes when we see this phrase due to the wide variety of scams, malware and hidden charges associated with  “free music”; however, in reality there really are several ways you can listen to music for free you just have to know your resources for free mp3 downloads!

Replay Music

This is what we use to get 1000’s of free songs. Yes at Replay Music you will find a great program for downloading music from any website or PC software with ease and high quality. You can also enjoy its automatic tagging for each track.


There are thousands of music videos, both live and recorded available on this familiar website. Simply enter the musician or song you’re looking for and you can either watch it or let it play while you work on the internet.


MySpace isn’t just a great social networking site; it’s also a vast resource for music! There are many reasons to utilize MySpace for music: you can create playlists from all your favorite musicians, it offers a constant source of new music both national and local, you have the ability to tell your favorite bands what you think, you can get free tracks and information about your favorites and you can even take part in being part of their street crew promoting them!


This is a great way to get access to music for free and find new music similar to your old favorites.  Just go to and start an account; the basic version is free and allows you to make several stations based on the band or song title you enter. You can rate the music played removing songs you don’t want to hear and playing songs (or more music by that band) you like more often. You only get 36 hours a month though so it’s a good idea to keep track of about how long you’ve listened.

Last is another great internet radio station that lets you look up what you like and offers you new music as you go along. It has lots of great options and doesn’t have a listening limit.


This is similar to the internet radio station above but has its own benefits for users. Here you can listen to the music you like and download it legally! How? Radiotracker gets its music from internet radio broadcasts thereby evading the copyright issues involved with illegal downloads and offering you music shop quality sound!

Music Oasis

This site offers you software that allows you to legally download free music without the registration and purchase that many other such programs require. Music Oasis has its own library of music to explore and offers a great source for your favorite tracks.

Free Music Zilla

Free Music Zilla allows you to download music from your favorite social networking music players regardless of what browser you use and completely free of spyware. It’s also not a space hog and is easy to use.

Unsigned Band Web

This is a listing of oodles of unsigned bands looking to get their music out there. Just select a genre of music and have fun strolling through several band and song listings to download.

Free Kids Music

Looking for a great source of kids songs? This website has a list of downloadable songs for kids.